Easter Sunrise & Partnerships

City-Wide Easter Sunrise Service

Although Stockton Leadership Foundation was formally incorporated in November of 2007, the Stockton City-Wide Easter Sunrise Service began in 1999, and has been a major catalyst in the development of the fabric of relationships among Stockton Pastors. This annual event now attracts over 100 Churches and Faith-Based Non-Profits, and over 1,000 people, at 6 AM at Weber Point Events Center in Downtown Stockton on Easter morning. This great gathering is coordinated by Stockton Leadership Foundation, collaborating with KYCC FM 90.1 Radio. It is our goal that the significant unity among Believers manifested by this event will make the statement that “The Kingdom of God is bigger than any of our local churches”. It is our further goal that this fabric of unity becomes an increasingly powerful asset to our City, meeting the needs of people and increasing the credibility of the Name of Jesus. 


Our Partnerships are guided by the principle of stewardship, that we are obligated to use our asset to benefit our community and increase the capacity of other non-profits and city & county agencies with whom we share common goals.

San Joaquin A+

In the annual “Read-In”, San Joaquin A+ deploys volunteers into the K-3 classrooms all over the county to demonstrate the excitement and value of books and reading. Each volunteer purchases an appropriate children’s book, reads it with enthusiasm in an assigned classroom, then donates the book to the school library. This effort takes only one hour. Stockton Leadership Foundation is using its network of relationship to “clone” a model where congregations are invited to adopt a nearby school and recruit the readers to cover the K-3 classrooms of that school.  As a result of these efforts, area Congregations and Christian Schools provide approximately 10% of the 1000 readers for the “Read-In”, creating helpful partnerships between Schools and the Faith Community.

These readers were also exposed to additional opportunities offered by San Joaquin A+, such as:

Regular volunteer mentoring of students in the schools. San Joaquin A+ also has grant funding for part time paid positions for qualified Sr. High School students and Senior Citizens. SLF also fields tutor teams from faith communities to do "Fletchers Place" reading programs for K-3 kids.
We believe the literacy emphasis of San Joaquin A+ is an excellent long range crime prevention program and worthy of our community’s broadest participation.

City of Stockton

Clergy Invocations at the Weekly City Council Meetings. SLF is coordinating this schedule at the request of Mayor Ann Johnston.

Mayor’s Clergy Breakfasts – Originated by former Mayor, Gary Podesto, this quarterly meeting has been taking place for twelve years and is hosted by local Stockton non-profits. This valuable forum provides two – way communication between the Mayor’s office and the Faith Community. Stockton Leadership Foundation:

  • Consults with the Mayor about MCB agenda items.
  • Provides the data base to the Mayor’s office which informsStockton Clergy of the next up-coming Mayor’s Clergy Breakfast.
  • Has organized a Steering Committee representative of the entire Faith Community.

Gospel Center Rescue Mission

Stockton Leadership Foundation is partnering with GCRM in the “Rebirth of Alustiz’s, a project to reconstruct a three story historic building on their property to house the second and third year of a much needed Women’s Rehab Program. The first phase will be the demolition of the interior, in which we plan to mobilize volunteers from Men’s Groups of local churches in our community.

St. Joseph's Medical Center Spiritual Services Department

Stockton Leadership Foundation has partnered on four occasions in the last two years with SJMC Spiritual Services Department in offering Pastoral Care Workshops to area Clergy, addressing the subjects of: Palliative Care, End of Life Issues, Parish Nurse Ministry, and the H1N1 Threat.

San Joaquin Chapter of the American Red Cross and San Joaquin Office of Emergency Services

Vital resources among the Faith Community, such as facilities for temporary housing, kitchens for preparing and serving food, vehicles for transportation, and volunteers to serve are valuable assets which could all be quickly mobilized in the event of a major disaster in San Joaquin County. Through Stockton Leadership Foundation, a network of communication exists among the clergy in our city, which will facilitate our collaborate with the local Red Cross and San Joaquin Office of Emergency Services to document Faith-Based resources to be filed with the County Disaster Plan.

We have used our Data Base and influence at various times to expand the capacity of many other Non-Profits:

1. CBMC (Christian Business Men’s Committee)
2. Stockton Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
3. SOS (Serve Our Stockton)
    a.  Over 1,100 people from 25 churches worked on 75 projects on 8/1/09
    b.  Anticipating 2010 participants on 8/7/10
4. San Joaquin YFC
5. Pregnancy Help Center
6. Peniel Neighborhood Center
7. Haven of Peace
8. Men’s Bible Study Fellowship
9. San Joaquin Valley Men’s Ministry